[Chimera-users] Chimera 1.1951 on OSX 10.3.4 fails to do much at all...

Grant Jacobs gjacobs at bioinfotools.com
Fri Jun 18 21:51:50 PDT 2004

I've tried a few things -- seems Chimera is location-dependent. I 
place most of my applications in subdirectories of /Applications or 
~/Applications (e.g. Text, Graphics, Science, etc.) to organise 
things a bit. A few apps. insist on being in /Applications - Chimera 
seems to be one of these. Your installation notes don't indicate this 
explicitly, but I suppose no many people insist on being so 
over-organised :-)

While I'm writing, I presume Chimera insists on using its own version 
of python over anything installed in /usr/bin/python or whatever?

(Just in case you think your reply was of no help, it was the ls 
example that got me thinking it might be the location.)



>Hi Grant,
>   Chimera comes with Tcl/Tk and Python and everything that is needed.
>Either your Chimera installation did not work, or environment variables
>are tripping up Chimera.
>   To see if all of Chimera got installed use Mac Finder and single click
>on Chimera.  On my Mac OS 10.3.4 system it says 132.9 Mb disk space is
>being used by Chimera.  Is that what you see?
>   More likely the problem is with environment variables.  Do you have
>PYTHONHOME set in your environment?  If you start a Terminal and type
>echo $PYTHONHOME it will say if this variable is set.  Other environment
>variables that could mess up Chimera are PYTHONPATH and CHIMERA.
>   If all of this looks ok try
>   % ls 
>from a Mac Terminal.  This is the location of the missing file referenced
>by the Python error you sent.  You should see the following files:
>ChimeraExtension.py*  controller.py*  __init__.py*
>ChimeraExtension.pyc  controller.pyc  __init__.pyc
>   Lastly, we have separate Mac OS 10.2 and 10.3 versions of Chimera on
>our web site.  If you still have the Chimera dmg it should be
>chimera-1.1951-osx10_3_x11.dmg, not chimera-1.1951-osx_x11.dmg.
>	Tom

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