[Chimera-users] Chimera 1.1951 on OSX 10.3.4 fails to do much at all...

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Fri Jun 18 09:18:58 PDT 2004

Hi Grant,

  Chimera comes with Tcl/Tk and Python and everything that is needed.
Either your Chimera installation did not work, or environment variables
are tripping up Chimera.

  To see if all of Chimera got installed use Mac Finder and single click
on Chimera.  On my Mac OS 10.3.4 system it says 132.9 Mb disk space is
being used by Chimera.  Is that what you see?

  More likely the problem is with environment variables.  Do you have
PYTHONHOME set in your environment?  If you start a Terminal and type
echo $PYTHONHOME it will say if this variable is set.  Other environment
variables that could mess up Chimera are PYTHONPATH and CHIMERA.

  If all of this looks ok try

  % ls /Applications/Science/Chimera-1.1951.app/Contents/Resources/share/Lighting

from a Mac Terminal.  This is the location of the missing file referenced
by the Python error you sent.  You should see the following files:

ChimeraExtension.py*  controller.py*  __init__.py*
ChimeraExtension.pyc  controller.pyc  __init__.pyc

  Lastly, we have separate Mac OS 10.2 and 10.3 versions of Chimera on
our web site.  If you still have the Chimera dmg it should be
chimera-1.1951-osx10_3_x11.dmg, not chimera-1.1951-osx_x11.dmg.


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