[Chimera-users] suggest OBJ export option

Thomas Goddard goddard at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Jul 19 14:55:56 PDT 2004

Hi Steven,

 I took a look at Wavefront object files and agree that it might be
pretty easy to output Chimera meshes in that format.

  We don't currently have any way to output an entire Chimera scene
in a portable format.  The "Export surfaces as VRML" Chimera tool only
works for volume isosurfaces.  Is this the only kind of Chimera model
you need to export?

  Can you send me the traceback you get when trying to export a large
surface in VRML format?  Does it work for a small surface?  I can
probably improve that code to work with large surfaces if I know the
type of error you are getting.

  The "stereo" camera mode is for use with LCD shutter glasses.
It requires starting chimera with a "--stereo" command-line option.
This is described in the Chimera manual.  It is not useful for saving
images, since the display flickers between left and right eye images
at a high frame rate.

  Before we try producing some Wavefront OBJ output it would be useful
to get an example from you describing what you are doing.  You can send
that directly to me if you do not want those details on the mailing list.


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