[Chimera-users] suggest OBJ export option

Steven McQuinn smcquinn at hotmail.com
Mon Jul 19 12:35:31 PDT 2004

I'm really happy with Chimera, but vexed that every attempt to export a high 
resolution mesh via the VRML utility ends in a python failure. Have not 
tried exporting molecular models, only isosurfaces with 250,000+ polygons.

What I use instead for export is VMD, which has an .stl export option, 
providing smaller file sizes than VRML. VMD is buggy on my XP system, 
requiring several attempts to export correctly. I use Chimera to get my 
isosurface settings right, then plug these values into VMD.

SUGGESTION: If you provided an OBJ mesh export option, nearly every 3d 
application could utilize the product. The Wavefront OBJ format is the 
defacto universal exchange format, fairly small file sizes, retaining 
textures. Should be easy for you geniuses to program.

Also, the stereo camera option never "takes." The walleye and crosseye 
cameras work OK but not the straight stereo pair, which I have to compose 
from the right and left images.

Would like to send the development team some work samples. How do I do that? 
Please reply to my email address, as I don't read the list.

Steven McQuinn

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