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Tool: Density Map Toolbar

The Density Map Toolbar provides a series of icons for changing the display of volume models (such as density maps) with a single click. Like other tools, this interface can be opened from the Tools menu (more...). See also: Graphics Toolbar, Molecule Display Toolbar, Mouse Modes for Right Button toolbar, making images

Clicking an icon shows the executed command in the Log. The selMaps specifier indicates the currently selected volume model(s), or if none are selected, all volume models. Note there may be alternative commands for performing the same action.

Density Maps icon description command equivalent
show map volume selMaps show
hide map volume selMaps hide
solid isosurface volume selMaps style surface
mesh isosurface volume selMaps style mesh
map as image volume selMaps style solid
step 1
(not subsampled, every point)
volume selMaps step 1
step 2
(subsampled at every other point)
volume selMaps step 2
fit map in map fitmap #N inMap #M

(fitting the lower-model-number of two maps total or selected into the other)

difference map volume subtract #N #M minRms

(subtracting the higher-model-number of two maps total or selected from the other)

smooth by Gaussian filtering volume gaussian #N sDev 6

(where N is the model number of a single selected map)

toggle transparency of mesh or solid surface (none, but see the transparency option of volume; applies to selMaps)
toggle outline box (none, but see the showOutlineBox option of volume; applies to selMaps)

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