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Fortney, Christopher (NIH/OD/ORS) [C] christopher.fortney at nih.gov
Fri Jul 21 09:20:30 PDT 2017

Hello Chimera X Team,

My name is Chris Fortney - I run the VR Program at the NIH Library. We've been using ChimeraX for VR demonstrations here for some time now, ever since James Tyrwhitt-Drake (3D Print Exchange, NIAID) and I first installed it here earlier this year. The word has spread at NIH - people like ChimeraX for VR! I was hoping I could just email you to introduce myself, and to give feedback on the main features that have been requested. The first being the ability to make selections and then view/add labels while in VR. The second being the ability to add additional cameras to the scene. This would be especially useful for mixed reality. We have a green screen here, and would love the ability to drop a 3rd camera into the scene for that. Being able to add additional cameras could be very useful to run multiple headsets in the same scene, so that two scientists could work on the same structure at the same time.

Looking forward to hearing back, keep up the excellent work! It definitely has not gone unnoticed over here.

Chris Fortney
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