[Chimera-users] zoom on the selection after orientation of the selected object

Enrico Martinez jmsstarlight at gmail.com
Sun Jan 16 05:24:59 PST 2022

Dear Chimera users!
I am using ChimeraX for the visualization of protein-ligand
interactions comparing two different pdb structures A - ensemble for
doclong; B- X-ray pose:

open A.pdb
open B.pdb'
match #2 to #1.1
# close all docking poses with the exemption of the first pose:
close #1.2-end
# hide the protein from X-ray pose keeping only ligand for visualisation:
hide #2 & protein cartoon
hide #2 & protein surface
hide #2 & protein
#orient view on the model 1.1 and zoom closer
view #1.1 orient; turn z 90
zoom 1.5

The problem is that when I use zoom 1.5 after view #1.1 it hides
completely the representation for the molecule on the current GUI.
Otherwise, it works fine if I center view on the both A and B:
view orient; turn z 90
zoom 1.5

How could I zoom the screen properly after orientation of the view on
the first molecule?

Many thanks in advance!

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