[Chimera-users] Open Castp file in Chimera X

Zhang, Bixia bixia.zhang at wsu.edu
Thu Apr 21 16:42:36 PDT 2022

Good afternoon,
I am trying to open .poc file from CASTP server in Chimera X. And I found this chimeraX recipe https://rbvi.github.io/chimerax-recipes/castp/castp.html. However, when I used the command open<help:user/commands/open.html> read_castp.py, it said No such file/path: read_castp.py. I am working on a Linux unbuntu box and I don't know if this is making any difference. Could you please help with this issue?
Thank you so much!

Read CASTP pockets file - ChimeraX Recipes<https://rbvi.github.io/chimerax-recipes/castp/castp.html>
We for the ChimeraX atom specifier from chain identifier, residue number and atom name. For example, the above lines are for atoms /A:45 at NH2, /B:27 at O, /B:27 at CG1 in ChimeraX syntax belonging to pockets 2, 1 and 1.

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