[Chimera-users] Creating distances using the command line

Lucic, Iva Lucic at fmp-berlin.de
Wed Apr 6 07:25:07 PDT 2022


I would like to measure distances between atoms in a structure by using the command line, and not manually by clicking on the atoms and then clicking on "create" button in the Structure Measurements tool.

I would like to map many distances on the same structure (I performed a crosslinking experiments, so I would now like to map the crosslinks on the structure of my protein of interest).

I tried something like distance #1 :347.A at ca - :323.A at ca and similar variations, hoping that I could get the distance between CA atoms of residues 347 and 323 of chain A (there are 12 chains in my protein) from model 1. But I couldn't find a good combination of commands to give me a distance.

I would highly appreciate any advice. Otherwise, I would have to map manually over 20 crosslinks for each chain...

Thank you in advance,

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