[Chimera-users] Regarding Chimera vina executable file

Heshani Mudalige heshani.m at bms.edu.lk
Wed Mar 10 09:14:01 PST 2021

​Dear Elaine,
       Hi, hope you are doing well.
    I used Chimera for protein docking. But I got stuck in the last step when setting the local path. I downloaded the windows version and that installed to C drive program files and like this

C:\Program Files(86)\The Scripps Research Ins​titute

But even after browse even it doesn't show any vina.exe file when setting the local

path.Can you please tell me where I can find that? Or how to check whether that

properly installed or not?

Inside the Vina folder there are 3 files which two were applications files.But no exe file is visible

I went many tutorials and heard after 2020 we need to install Auto dock vina to support Chimera. I did that as well.But still I can't properly debug this.

 Different you tube videos they mentioned inside Vina folder can fine vina.exe or inside bin can find vina.exe.

 Apperciate your help on this and your earliest reply.Thank you

Kind regards

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