[Chimera-users] Question about peptide connection

Nicole Ostrovsky nostrov at bu.edu
Mon Jul 26 12:19:44 PDT 2021


I have a structure which I've cut a section out of and I am working on
connecting the two loose ends together. I wanted to connect them with two
glycine residues - since they are easiest to work with and have no side
chains. I am doing this using the Modify Structure option under the Build
structure tool and adding one atom at a time. However, when I try to
minimize my newly created glycine, I get the error message "No MMTK name
for atom "H1" in standard residue "GLY"" (I've attached a picture of my
reply log). I'm not sure how to troubleshoot this.

Is there a better way to connect two ends of a peptide, or should I change
the way I am using the modify structure tool?

Thank you.

Nicole Ostrovsky
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