[Chimera-users] less color depth possible?

Cheng, Tat tcheng at biochem.mpg.de
Wed Jan 27 11:00:10 PST 2021

Hi Tom,

Thanks for your message. Here is the error message. I am confused as well, because X2go should be running at 24 bit as I read from the internet.


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Hi Tat,

  Chimera has no controls for color depth.  I guess its OpenGL rendering asks for 8-bit color depth for the OpenGL context.  What error does Chimera give?  Using less than 8-bit color depth for visualization is absurd.  X2Go must be able to do 24.


On Jan 27, 2021, at 1:00 AM, Cheng, Tat <tcheng at biochem.mpg.de<mailto:tcheng at biochem.mpg.de>> wrote:

Hi all,

We are trying to set up cryoEM data processing in the university HPC. We use X2go for remote accessing the HPC, but it doesn't have enough color depth, so Chimera (24-bit) doesn't start.

One workaround is to download the volume from HPC to local machine, but it is less convenient. But I wonder is there a way to use Chimera in less color?

Thanks a lot.

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