[Chimera-users] No mmcif module in ChimeraX 1.0?

Yangqi Gu yangqi.gu at yale.edu
Tue Feb 23 08:34:02 PST 2021

Dear Chimera Developer,
I am trying to use an external python script to run some calculations. I am
using ChimeraX 1.0 and the script requires the import of mmcif module but
apparently it is not installed in ChimeraX 1.0? How should I install this
module? I also downloaded a newer version 1.1, but it is a precompiled
version. Do I need to remove ChimeraX 1.0? Because the older version was
installed in /usr/bin with an executable file, but for the newer version, I
assume I need to add the path for the executables? I also need to run some
ISODLE refinement with my gpu, will ChimeraX configure gpu automatically?


Yangqi Gu
Graduate Student
Malvankar Lab
Yale University, West Campus
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