[Chimera-users] in *.gro file, chimera takes CL atom as C (in compound) and gives it wrong color

Lei Qian tuk04130 at temple.edu
Thu Feb 18 20:30:29 PST 2021

Dear users,
Could I ask a question on chimera? Thanks!
I tried to open a gro file (small compound) using chimera. Like below:
... ...
    1  LIG   CL   18   x.xxx    x.xxx      x.xxx
    1  LIG  CL1   19   x.xxx    x.xxx      x.xxx
... ...
Although chimera shows the CL name "CL" when the cursor is above the atom,
but the CL atom color is incorrect: the same as Carbon.
I tried to change the "CL" to "BR", and the chimera shows the correct
color: dark red. It seems weird to me. Could you please give me any
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