[Chimera-users] Helix Display Artefact

Sebastian Guettler Sebastian.Guettler at icr.ac.uk
Tue Dec 28 08:44:03 PST 2021

Dear Chimera users,

I have a problem with what I think is some sort of a helix display artefact is UCSF Chimera (including the latest release, 1.16). I attach an image. In cartoon display, the helix appears turned inside out for the last turn. It is displayed normally in ChimeraX and PyMol, and the display problem is independent of the secondary structure assignment algorithm (dssp, ksdssp, Stride). Any suggestions on how to solve this issue are welcome.

Thank you,

Sebastian Guettler, PhD
Team Leader
The Institute of Cancer Research (ICR)
Divisions of Structural Biology and Cancer Biology
London, UK
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