[Chimera-users] Chimera-users Where does Chimera copy command save images?

Susan anfimk357 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 8 09:44:58 PDT 2021

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On Thu, Apr 8, 2021, at 5:41 PM, Chimera wrote:

>Hi Martti,
>I don't know the answer, but another thing you can do is use the Chimera
cd command to change the working directory so that later in the same
session, you no longer have to specify it in the filenames of files to open
or save. (Alas, there is no Chimera pwd command to tell you what it thinks
is the current working directory, however.)
>I hope this helps,
>Elaine C. Meng, Ph.D.
>UCSF Chimera(X) team
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