[Chimera-users] rna model

Divita Mathur, Contractor Code 6910, FN divita.mathur.ctr.in at nrl.navy.mil
Mon Apr 5 09:38:30 PDT 2021

Hello Chimera community

I am trying to run the “rna model sequence  #0” code but it is returning the following error:
IndexError: list index out of range

File “…path/RNALayout/rna_layout.py”, line 393, in place_residues
  rprev = rlist[0]

See reply log for Python traceback.

Anything elementary that I am missing? My fasta file is very simple and it is stored in the Documents folder.


Divita Mathur, PhD
Research Assistant Professor
George Mason University &
Center for Bio/Molecular Science and Engineering
Naval Research Laboratory
(202) 767-0687 (Office)
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