[Chimera-users] Stereo Red Cyan

Michael Elbaum michael.elbaum at weizmann.ac.il
Mon Sep 21 13:08:54 PDT 2020

I'm confirming the problem with a different dataset (optical deconvolution in tif format). Red-green shows red and gray, green-magenta shows green and gray. This is with version 1.14 on linux.


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I am looking at some cryo em data. When I try to view a a 3D stack of em dat with the Red-Cyan stereo setting I seem to only get Red and grayscale. The data is in 32-bit floating point and is in MRC2014 header format. I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong. Is anything obvious?

Thanks for your time.

Angus McDonald
amcdonald at boisestate.edu<mailto:amcdonald at boisestate.edu>

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