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Kenneth Satyshur describes below how he sets up 3D stereo glasses with CentOS 7.  Seems his instructions are for emitters that get their sync signal from the 5 or 3-pin DIN connector on older Quadro graphics cards rather than the USB Nvidia 3D Vision emitter.


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> Date: November 3, 2020 at 7:09:20 AM PST
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> Sorry for the late reply. Yes I can get you going. I have a document explaining the steps needed and will sent it to you this week when it is finished. Briefly 
> Need nvidia 3D stereo glasses and emitter system. Also, a 3D stereo ready monitor the works at 122 Hz of higher. Not any high frequency monitor will work. You need those approved by Nvidia. I have several, and Asus VG 248. Unfortunately they are hard to find.
> Nvidia Quadro card with a separate plugin cable 5pin DIN for the sync signal. (Out of stock. My son can make one for you.) You have FX4800 as do 3 of my 4 legacy stereo systems. Good card. 
> Linux OS Centos 7. Centos 8 will do 3D stereo, but it will not do stereo-in-a-window but stereo in a desktop. Also, Mate Desktop. The Gnome desktops will not do 3D stereo-in-a-window, but in-a-desktop. That means the entire desktop and not just pymol will be in stereo. That's because, after 10 years, Nvidia no longer supports 3D stereo systems, but only VR systems. 
> 3D is driven by the gaming industry. They are all VR or AR now. To be so blinded that you cannot see the keyboard is not the way to do 3D. But we are at the mercy of the gaming industry and the quest for market share. 
> X11 is dead. It is being replaced in linux by Wayland. I have not experimented with Wayland for stereo-in-a-window (SIW). So you need to disable the nouveau and install the legacy driver for nvidia card you have. And change the /etc/x11/xorg.conf file to include 'composite disable'.
> https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/nouveau <https://wiki.archlinux.org/index.php/nouveau>
> The driver for FX4800 is stuck at NVIDIA-Linux-x86_64-340.108.run. After Nouveau disable you need to update Centos7 and run the NVidia drive script as root and reboot. You can also use dkms
> https://github.com/shawfdong/hyades/wiki/DKMS-on-CentOS-7 <https://github.com/shawfdong/hyades/wiki/DKMS-on-CentOS-7>
> Short on details but this is the big picture. Much of this can be googled if you have a linux savvy tech person. I have 4 legacy systems with FX4800, 2 P5000 newer systems and my home dual core K4000 all running 3D stereo. (One of them is attached to a 3D projector for the 3D teaching lab.)
> I will send more specifics later.
> kas
> p.s. please feel free to share. I am continuing to test Wayland to see if it will do SIW. and not just SID.
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