[Chimera-users] Conversion of Chimera session .py file to Pymol .pse file

Joanna Smietanska Joanna.Smietanska at fis.agh.edu.pl
Sun May 31 13:10:50 PDT 2020

Dear UMSF Chimera Users,
I would like to ask how to 
convert Chimera session .py file into .pse Pymol format? I have a few 
saved Chimera sessions, my approach was to save protein coordinates in 
.pdb format and subsequently read them in Pymol 2.0 to save as Pymol 
session, but during this procedure all informations about specific 
colouring of chains and other settings are lost. May I ask about 
possibilities for direct import Chimera .py files into Pymol without 
losing saved settings? I would be very grateful for 
any help and advice.
Best regards,
Joanna Smietanska
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