[Chimera-users] AutoDock Vina web service down!

Don Gabo gabrielsrbio at gmail.com
Mon May 4 06:00:00 PDT 2020

Yesterday I tried AutoDock Vina from the Chimera Tools with a desaturase I
got, I usually use the website to perform the docking, but I got an error,
I opened the Reply Log and the following message appeared:

"NonChimeraError: Web service appears to be down.  See Reply Log for more
*Service 'opal:vina_1.1.2' is unavailable.  See Reply Log for more details.*

I visited the AutoDock Vina page from Chimera and it says:
"** Web service no longer available 4/30/2020 **
The NBCR web service has been retired. Without the web service, this
Chimera tool will no longer work, except for the very few people using it
to run a locally installed copy of Autodock Vina."

How can I do my dockings with a locally installed copy of AutoDock Vina?,
Does anyone know for another website that could be linked to Chimera?

Thank you!!

M.C Gabriel Salazar Robles
Estudiante de Doctorado en Biotecnología en la UPAEP
Profesor de asignatura en la Universidad Politécnica Metropolitana de puebla
Cel/WhatsApp: 2228 33 54 58
Email: gabrielsrbio at gmail.com
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