[Chimera-users] Changing cryo-em density map x=voxel size in Chimera

Ouadou, Anes (MU-Student) aomqc at mail.missouri.edu
Sun Mar 15 12:18:12 PDT 2020

I am using cryo-em density maps to create a deep learning model that detects C-alpha atoms. the model I trained uses maps with voxel size of 1x1x1 A. Experimental maps come in different voxel sizes. I found that I can change the voxel size using the option "model-spec". However, I looked everywhere in Chimera menu bar but could not find "model-spec". can you please show me where to find it. I am also open to any other  suggestion to change voxel size.


Anes Ouadou

CS PhD Student

University of Missouri-Columbia

aomqc at mail.missouri.edu

Mobile: (573 )-289-9073
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