[Chimera-users] LINK record not honoured in Chimera?

Kate Kim kimsk at msg.ucsf.edu
Wed Mar 4 16:03:18 PST 2020


I would like to visualize a thioester bond between a CYS residue of my
protein and a carbonyl carbon of ligand (DCR) in my model.

I have a LINK record for the DCR-CYS thioester bond created from Jligand
and inserted in the PDB right before the CRYST1 line.

However, when I open this PDB in Chimera, the thioester linkage is not
drawn. The distance between the C1 of DCR and SG of CYS is 1.79 angstrom.

Does Chimera need something else other than the LINK record in the PDB to
display the bond?

Thank you,
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