[Chimera-users] Questions regarding measuring distances between atoms

Sitbon, Yoel yxs454 at miami.edu
Thu Jul 9 12:25:37 PDT 2020


My name is Yoel Sitbon and I am a Phd student at the University of Miami.

I started using chimera recently and I am running into a couple problems. Hopefully, you can help.

  1.  I keep getting this error (please see picture attached). While it doesn't interfere with what I am doing in terms of analysis, it does pop up every 5 seconds. Is there any way to fix it?

  1.  I am using PDB file 5TBY, and I am trying to measure the distance between residues I788 in chain B and A57 in chain D. I am able to do that. However, when I mutate the residue 57 from Alanine to Glycine, the program cannot measure distances as it cannot locate atoms at 57. When I try to mutate to cysteine, it works.

Do you know why it is not allowing me to perform this?

Thank you for the help,

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