[Chimera-users] Sequence-structure associations

Hernando J Sosa hernando.sosa at einsteinmed.org
Wed Jul 8 11:47:11 PDT 2020

Dear Chimera,

Chimera sequence-structure associations appears to be limited to one association per model. Is this right? and if not how do you modify this?
E.g. with  a model PDB structure containing  3 chains A,B and C  you could  open the multialign viewer   and align the three sequences corresponding to A B and C. However, it appears that only one of the three sequences in the multialign viewer can be associated with their respective chain in the structure. You could change the association but it seem that you cannot add more associations. Here is a view of the associations dialogue windows. Note that it shows only one entry even when there are three sequences in the multialign viewer window. ??





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