[Chimera-users] Movies and Symetries

Stéphane DUQUERROY stephane.duquerroy at pasteur.fr
Mon Dec 21 07:15:42 PST 2020


I generated a set of coordinates in a single PDB file for a movie (coord flanked by MODEL / ENDMDL tags)

I can read it and play it with MD movie menu

The PDB File has also BIOMT matrices set for displaying the biological assembly

My question is how can I play the movie with multiscale model?

How Can use automatically the color zone tool to color various protomer instances for all intermediate conformations?

(The only way I know for doing that is to generate and select all sym instances but they moved with each of the models!)

S Duquerroy


Duquerroy Stéphane, PhD,
Assistant Professor, Univ Paris Saclay
Structural Virology Unit, Institut Pasteur
28 rue du Dr Roux, 75015 Paris - France
33 - (0) 140 613 575
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