[Chimera-users] pythonw.exe always run new windows

Tom Goddard goddard at sonic.net
Wed Dec 2 09:54:13 PST 2020

That looks like some malware triggering all the Chimera menu entries.  It is possible to tell Chimera to start specific windows when it starts using its menu Favorites / Preferences / Tools the Auto Start checkbuttons.  But your screen shot shows Fetch by Id (from File menu) and that cannot be auto-started so I don't think autostart is doing it.  The fact that your web browser starts showing pages is probably because Chimera Help menu entries show web pages in your default browser for Chimera documentation.  Possibly Chimera could be getting a whole stream of menu shortcut keys that invoke the menu entries, but again their is no shortcut for Fetch by Id so that seems unlikely,

So I have no good idea about the crazy behavior you see other than malware on your computer being able to trigger all the Chimera menu entries.


> On Dec 2, 2020, at 12:58 AM, gb1995 at zju.edu.cn wrote:
> After installing and opening the UCSF chimera software, pythonw.exe keeps popping up new windows, causing it to fail to work normally.I have tried to download various versions of UCSF chimera software, and found that it cannot be used when installed on the D drive and can only be installed on the C drive. But after the installation is complete, double-click to open it, and various interfaces will pop up continuously. At the same time, Microsoft Edge will pop up web pages continuously, causing the software and computer to fail to work normally.
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