[Chimera-users] Splitting, addh, save only saves secondary structure for first model

Brian Wiley bwiley4 at jhu.edu
Sun Aug 2 10:33:08 PDT 2020


It a multisubunit complex such as 2ast, Chimera will indicate it's better to split the model to add the hydrogens.  However when after split and adding hydrogens I would like to save as 1 model which I can do but then I only get the secondary structure helices and sheets for first model.  You will see there should be around 20-23 total "HELIX" for all 3 structures A,B,C in total (authors split continuous helices for some reason).  However I only get the helices and sheets for model A (159 residue protein) when "saving multiple models in a single file".  Is this a functionality request so that all HELIX from all models are included after split as in the original PDB file?

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