[Chimera-users] Chimera laptop features required

Aron Singletary asingletary at boxx.com
Thu Sep 19 12:46:55 PDT 2019

I was looking for system specs and ran across this comment:
"I don't think you can buy one anymore, but the best laptops were those
with NVIDIA Quadro (not NVS) graphics and a 3D stereo display (120Mhz,
3D glasses).  Chimera needs workstation graphics (NVIDIA Quadro or AMD
FirePro/FireGL), to support 3D stereo viewing."

Just wanted to let you know there are still many great systems available with Quadro and FirePro graphics, they will usually be a good bit more expensive than traditional consumer laptops though.

Our older GoBOXX SLM available in 15" with the Quadro P3200.

Our newer GoBOXX SLM available in 15" or 17" with Quadro RTX300-, RTX4000 or RTX5000.

Or if you are looking for a true desktop replacement we have our GoBOXX MXL.

Thank you,

Aron Singletary
Enterprise Representative

BOXX Technologies
10435 Burnet Road, Austin, TX 78758
Work: (512) 852-3347
Toll Free: (877)877-2699 x347
Fax: (512) 835-0434
Email: asingletary at boxx.com<mailto:asingletary at boxx.com>


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