[Chimera-users] Electrostatic Potential

Fernando Villa fer.vdl1928 at gmail.com
Wed Sep 11 19:27:24 PDT 2019

Dear all Chimera users

In UCSF ChimeraX version 0.91 (2019-08-30)
I opened a .pqr file (generated with pdb2pqr in Chimera 1.14)  and then I
opened a .dx file (generated with APBS in Chimera 1.14)

Then I input the commands:

>color electrostatic #1 map #2 palette -10,red:0,white:10,blue

[image: image.png]
Is it possible to calculate the red and blue area in Å2 of the molecule?

Best regards,


Fernando Villa Díaz
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