[Chimera-users] cage builder

Artur Biela artur.biela at uj.edu.pl
Thu Sep 5 01:10:47 PDT 2019

Hi all,

I would like to build a cage model using cage builder, but the problem is that I need to use different polygons than available in the pop-up window of cage builder.
My question is: is there any option to use for example octagons, decagons or even more-gons?

Thank in advance

Artur BIELA, PhD
Scientific Assistant
Bionanoscience and Biochemistry Laboratory
Malopolska Centre of Biotechnology
Jagiellonian University
7A, Gronostajowa Street
30-387 Krakow

Department of Cell Biology and Imaging
Institute of Zoology and Biomedical Research
Jagiellonian University
Gronostajowa 9
30-387 Krakow

artur.biela at uj.edu.pl

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