[Chimera-users] Cntrl+shift + left selection makes screen go blank

Greg Couch gregc at cgl.ucsf.edu
Mon Nov 25 16:18:00 PST 2019

Chances are that you need to update your graphics driver.  Please use 
the Report a Bug dialog to submit this a bug before you do the update so 
we have a record of the bad configuration.  And then, after the update 
report the new version on the support ticket.  If the update isn't 
successful, then we'll take a closer look.

     -- Greg

On 11/25/19 3:49 PM, Dominique Gutierrez wrote:
> Hello,
> Cntrl+shift + left selection makes screen go blank where I only see 
> the green box and  the pdb or map disappears until releasing the 
> mouse.  Are there any settings that prevent that in chimera or any 
> display settings?
> Best,
> Dominique Gutierrez
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