[Chimera-users] Support for Chimera1.13.1

Mr tangc2333 at 163.com
Mon Nov 11 03:35:03 PST 2019

HI Developer

I am about to purchase and use the software of Chimera1.13.1 . I need to configure a workstation for processing. I have a long-term plan. Do you have a recommended computer hardware configuration here?

I will also use the following program in this workstation:
Software: Discovery studio (version 2.5); MOE (version 2015); PyMOL (version 2.3); Amber (version 14); Schrodinger (version 2018-4x64); RStudio (3.5), etc.;
Database: Microarry; TCGA; NCBI; RNA-seq; RCSB PDB; NONCODE, etc.;

Which operating system can run these software perfectly and let them not conflict with your company's software.

Sorry to ask so many questions, I hope you can reply to me.

Thank you!
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