[Chimera-users] electron density map superimposed on protein model

Jenaro Soto jenaros at uci.edu
Wed Mar 27 16:15:31 PDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

I am new to Chimera and am still getting to know the program. So far I have
found the tutorials helpful, but they don't seem to have the answer to this
very specific question.

I want to know how I can overlay a protein structure and electron density
map correctly.

I am currently analyzing a published structure and would like to look at
the the electron density map superimposed on the protein model. I was able
to fetch the electron density map by using the 'open edsID:PDB_ID' command.
However,  it doesn't seem like my structure and the electron density are
overlaid correctly. This might be because I moved the structure a lot
before calling in the electron density map.

How can I have the electron density map overlaid to the structure correctly
(like the author intended it to be).

Any tips will be appreciated.

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