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CLARA BLANES MIRA c.blanes at goumh.umh.es
Wed Jun 26 06:02:06 PDT 2019

Dear chimera users,

I have two doubts regarding per-frame actions:

1) I am trying to add a counter in my script (commands script, no python script). 

It works when I do it as a per-frame action in the MD Movie window (just as Elaine does in the’Trajectory and ensemble Analysis Tutorial’)  but I am not able to do insert it in my command script: 

Something like this:

movie record
2dlabels create timer text “frame 0" size 40 color white
alias ^actions 2dlabels change timer text "frame <FRAME>"

perframe actions; coordset #0 1,216000,1000 load false; wait 216; ~perframe  
movie encode movie.mp4

2) What I really want is to show nanoseconds, not frames. In my case 1000 frames = 1 ns. When I write frame <FRAME>/1000 in MD Movie window, obviously, it does not work. Any suggestion to make it work and insert it in the commands script?

Thank you very much!,

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