[Chimera-users] SEQRES not read properly?

Danilo Boškovic a01406823 at unet.univie.ac.at
Wed Jul 24 05:04:27 PDT 2019

Dear all,

I combined a PDB file from three chains to single chain format. In 
between those chains are TER. Now i need to add missing residues as 
SEQRES. I added them all properly, all atoms are named properly but 
chimera detects a missing residue at last position instead of the first 
position of chain B making the whole sequence shift for 1 nucleic acid 
residue to the left. Pymol, which does not read SEQRES, registers all 
missing residues as blanks and their positions are 100% correct (checked 
3 times). SEQRES was copied from the three-chain PDB file and edited to 
resemble a single chain file (C and E were renamed to A, SEQRES 
numbering was continued uninterrupted). How does chimera read SEQRES? 
Here is the full pdb file in gist:


Thanks in forwards,


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