[Chimera-users] STL/OBJ 3D models exported by Chimera cannot be read in Office 2019

Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra Pedregal Jaime.RodriguezGuerra at uab.cat
Mon Feb 18 04:13:10 PST 2019

Oops, sorry, I just realized that it might be a problem with the Windows VM and the 3D drivers, because even the sample models provided by Microsoft cannot be displayed. Still, if somebody has access to a properly configured Office 2019 (or latest 365) installation, can you test the files I provided? Thanks again!

El lun., 18 feb. 2019 a las 13:08, Jaime Rodríguez-Guerra (<jaime.rodriguezguerra at uab.cat<mailto:jaime.rodriguezguerra at uab.cat>>) escribió:
Hi, Chimera team!

I have recently discovered that Office 2019 has support for 3D objects that can be rotated, animated, zoomed... So I was curious about the possibilities for our molecular presentations. I knew Chimera allows to export molecules to several 3D formats and crossed my fingers so there was at least one format supported by Office.

- Good news: there are two! STL and OBJ are both exported by Chimera and supported by Office.

- Bad news: while the files can be correctly "loaded" in Office, they are not displayed at all! "Image could not be shown".

Is this something that must be addressed in Chimera or is Microsoft's fault? The error message is very succinct and does not provide more details. I have attached the files I created with Chimera just in case.

Thank you very much!
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