[Chimera-users] Export of small molecule in ball-and-stick form to VRML

Bickel, Aaron aaron.bickel at novartis.com
Fri Dec 13 08:37:00 PST 2019

I have successfully used Chimera many times to export 3D-printable STL files from small and large molecules. However, when I try to export a ball-and-stick small molecule scene to a file type with color information to print in color (such as X3D, OBJ, or VRML) the resulting file only has the sticks shown and none of the balls. This seems to be replicated across any molecule that I try to export. In general my process is to import a PDB file, visualize as ball and stick through the Actions menu, and then use the Model Panel Attributes menu to adjust the thickness of the balls and sticks to ensure a strong physical structure. Is there an additional step I am missing to export as VRML/X3D/OBJ?

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