[Chimera-users] Selecting one ID 0 when two ID 0s are present

Ryan Harlich ryanharlich at hotmail.com
Thu Aug 8 08:42:31 PDT 2019

Hi Chimera,

I have a problem where there are two ID 0. One is the normal density map the other is a solid (or what seems to be a movie of the protein). I want to select the density map. In the GUI interface I would open volume viewer and select radio button surface for category Style. Then a little below select All instead of One. I was wondering how to do this with command line?

What I am trying to do is get a chain of the pdb structure and zone the density map. However the files are really big so I am trying to do it via ssh on another computer so I will be doing it with the –nogui flag. So if I can do everything via command line that would be great.

Ryan Harlich

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