[Chimera-users] Saving a moved PDB only moved in a new session

Marta Perez Illana marta.perez at cnb.csic.es
Thu Oct 25 02:37:07 PDT 2018

Hi all

I am working with chimera, and I have a map and a pdb.

1) I have split the pdb into several fragments in order to fit them into 
the map

2) I have successfully moved the PDBs and fitted them into the map

3) I have "write each PDB" "relative to the map, which seems to make 
sense :)

4) In the current session I keep the map and the moved PDB open ...plus 
I open the just saved "wrote PDB" (intended to be on the same position I 
moved it).

To me both, the opened PDB (which I have moved) and the just saved PDB, 
might be in the same position, fitting into the map... But... the just 
save-written PDB is clearly somewhere else... :(

5) But... If I make a NEW session, opening the map and the "wrote PDB", 
everything make sense, and the PDB is where I in fact moved to keep it 

Why is that that in the current session the written-PDB is not where it 
was "moved"; but when a new session is opened it is displayed where it 
was moved?

It seems that everything works fine, it is just a bit confusing to me. 
Thanks in advanced!


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