[Chimera-users] Matching of small molecules

Cassandra Ceccopieri cassandra.ceccopieri at hirszfeld.pl
Fri Nov 23 01:24:49 PST 2018

Dear Sir/Madam, 
I would like to ask how to overcome the following problem that I faced trying to perform an alignment of small molecules. Writing in the command line section the following instruction: 

match #0 at c5,c4,n7,c8,c9,s10 #1 at c9,c8,n11,c12,c13,s14 

I obtain, as output, an error message saying: Error in "#0 at c5,c4,n7,c8,c9,s10" must be an integer. 

I checked the tutorial but the instruction for the command line seemed in the same format as mine. Therefore, I would like to ask assistance to be able to perform my analysis. 

Kind Regards, 
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