[Chimera-users] Using headless chimera to create images

Chemmama, Ilan Ilan.Chemmama at ucsf.edu
Fri Nov 16 20:33:33 PST 2018

Dear developers,

I am trying to create a bunch of images using Chimera.
I wrote a script that create the scene using the following steps:


runCommand('open '+rmffile)

runCommand('set bgcolor white')
runCommand('windowsize 1028 1028')
runCommand('~set depthCue')
runCommand('set projection orthographic')

runCommand('wait 2')
runCommand('scale 0.75')
runCommand('copy file ./Image_'+mc_frame+'.png PNG supersample 3 dpi 300')
runCommand('close all')
runCommand('stop now’)

While the scrips works in the headless version using PDB files, I have not been successful when using RMF files.
The images when using the RMF files are just the background color (red when set to red, blue when set to blue) without the structure.
I tried also to add the display .2 option as in:
runCommand(‘display #0.2’)
which corresponds to the RMF beads scene in the model panel.

I should add that using the GUI version of chimera, the script works fine and all the images are properly created.

Do you have any hints/clues on what could be done to make it work?
(I am running the script the full version of chimera but the headless should be more efficient).

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