[Chimera-users] Can the order of map histograms on Volume Viewer be sorted?

Jun Ha Song junhasong at berkeley.edu
Fri Nov 16 15:03:34 PST 2018

Dear RBVI,

Sometimes I accidentally open more than 4 maps into UCSF Chimera session
without changing the number of histogram that can be shown to some value
higher than the default value of first 3 maps. UCSF Chimera places new
histogram on the spot where the 1st map used to be, and the histogram order
shown on Volume Viewer goes from

- 1st map
- 2nd map
- 3rd map


- 4th map
- 2nd map
- 3rd map

from top to bottom. I know that I can bring back the histogram of 1st map
by clicking on Data drop-down menu, but it doesn't bring back the 1st map
to the top slot.

Is there any way to manually re-sort the order of the histogram so that it
would be in the order of their loading (or in the order of their model ID)?

Junha Song.
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