[Chimera-users] Cannot save PDB as multiple chains of a single model.

Matthews-Palmer, Teige Rowan Seal t.matthews-palmer14 at imperial.ac.uk
Fri Mar 9 07:51:33 PST 2018

Dear Chimera-users,

I have a PDB file containing a single chain, that I have copied and applied turns about a symmetry axis. So now I have several models with transformed positions. When I save PDB>save multiple models in a single file, my output PDB does not seem to handle CHAINID properly.
If my input PDB has CHAINID A and ends with TER, then my output PDB has everything as CHAINID A, no TER, and instead separates the models by 
MODEL		1  

I would like to save a PDB with these symmetrical copies as different chains A,B,C… (and not different models). Can anyone suggest a way to do this?
Help greatly appreciated.

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