[Chimera-users] desinstallation

Isabelle Fourré isabelle.fourre at upmc.fr
Wed Jul 18 05:54:56 PDT 2018

Dear Chimera users,

How to desinstall correctly Chimera? I forgot to install it as "root"
so the executable file has not been copied in my /usr/local/bin
directory, and I would like to restart all the process. I did not find
any README file...

Thanks a lot

Isabelle FOURRÉ
Maître de conférences (Assistant professor)

Laboratoire de Chimie Théorique
Sorbonne Université (campus Pierre et Marie Curie)
4 place Jussieu          | Tour 12-13 4e étage
Boite courrier 137       | Pièce 418
75252 PARIS Cedex 05
Tél : 01 44 27 96 59

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