[Chimera-users] Coordset and reset bug

Cristina Paulino c.paulino at rug.nl
Fri Jul 13 10:02:50 PDT 2018

Dear Chimera team, 
I just stumbled on a bug that wasn’t present before (not sure from which version on). 
Chimera gets stuck if you try to make a movie were a specific set of frames of a morph is recalled and at the same time the camera position is reset to save position. 

Here the specific example that doesn’t work anymore, but did initially:

coordset #3 1,61,1
reset morph2 90
wait 90

Now I had to change, so that both movements happen independent. 
coordset #3 1,61,1
wait 61
reset morph2 90
wait 90

Any change this bug could be fixed? It is a nice feature to be able to keep the morph going while it moves to another saved-position. 



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