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Therefore, we used UCSF Chimera to have a map's smmetry axes (approximately) parallel to the XYZ axes. The procedure followed by the relion tutorial we used for that was to
read in InitialModel/symC1/run_it003_class001.mrc; use the duplicate
option under the File menu of the Volume viewer. Then to deactivate map
#1 on the Model Panel; rotate map #0 to have it’s symmetry axis more or
less parallel to the XYZ axes; and then to use in the Command Line entry field:
run_it003_class001.mrc; and save this model in the InitialModel/symC1/
directory with the name inimodel.mrc

I have done as the above tutorial in relion, but the saved inimodel.mrc file does not change its position or  orientation at all. So, my question is what commend can save a map after rotating or transforming its  x,y,z coordinate ? What is the procedures to do so ?


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