[Chimera-users] Pseudobonds in mmCIF

Henry Nguyen nguyen.henry.c at gmail.com
Wed Jan 10 14:24:46 PST 2018


I am trying to disable all pseudobonds between gaps in my structure in an
mmCIF file. I've tried:

In the Pseudobond Panel, there is only one group (distance monitor) and it
has 0 pseudobonds in the group.  Hiding that group doesn't change anything.

I also tried disabling them using setattrr ("setattr p display false"/
"setattr p display false") but neither didn't change anything.

If I select a psuedobond and examine it using the Selection Inspector, the
Pseudobond tab is unselectable under Inspect. Only if I go to the Bond tab
can I hide it.

I have to use mmCIF format as I have too many chains for a pdb.

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