[Chimera-users] Regarding getting zwitter-ionic stucture of beta-alanine

Dilip H N cy16f01.dilip at nitk.edu.in
Thu Feb 8 21:44:51 PST 2018

The beta-alanine neutral form is in NH2-CH2-CH2-COOH, but i want its
zwitterionic form which is NH3+-CH2-CH2-COO-

Any suggestions..??

Thank you.

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On Fri, Feb 9, 2018 at 10:37 AM, Dilip H N <cy16f01.dilip at nitk.edu.in>

> Hello,
> I was able to get the beta-alanine neutral structure in chimera using the
> PubChem id ie., 239.
> But i want beta-alanine in its zwitterionic form since in water systems it
> will be in more stable in zwitterionic and i can run the simulation.
> So, how do i get it in zwitterionic form..??
> Any suggestions are appreciated.
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> Ph.D Student
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Ph.D Student
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