[Chimera-users] Questions about the electric fieldline

xmgign at 126.com xmgign at 126.com
Wed Dec 5 23:52:58 PST 2018


I want to make the electric fieldline but there are always some problems.
I did this as follows,
1. run add charge to the system
2. run APBS, the I get the electrostatic surface and a file named 1.dx
3. open 1.dx
4.measure fieldLines #0 lines 500 startAbove 10 color pink linewidth 2
then I get the problem : no volume specified

I have check the userguide of measure fieldlines, but there is nothing about the volume. 
measure fieldLines  map-model(s)  [ lines N ] [ startAbove cutoff ] [ step s ] [ modelId model-number ] [ color line-color ] [ lineWidth width ] [ tubeRadius radius ] [ circleSubdivisions M ] [ markers true|false ]

what should I do next?


Qiao Xue

xmgign at 126.com
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